What Happens When Your Diagnosis Goes Two Ways

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Yes. This is something that could happen. Whether as an outpatient or certified as an inpatient, it is quite possible that a man or woman could be prescribed for dual diagnosis treatment in mount holly, nj. What are the implications? What are the chances of that happening? And what are the root causes? Ah, glad you asked because this is where you are quite possibly going to be getting round to the point.

Initially the report may come in that the affected patient is finding himself having to endure a single complaint. He could now be prone to severe mood swings. The clinical psychologist or clinical psychiatrist needs to understand that the mood swings may have little to do with actual unhappiness or the proverbial pressures of life. If it is – at last – diagnosed as such, clinical depression remains one of the most misunderstood and complex illnesses of all time.

One of the complexities has to do with the harsh reality that there is no actual cure for clinical depression. And you also need to understand why qualified medical practitioners will be prescribing what are known as anti-depressants in the first instance. And it could be said that the name-calling of this popular drug is nothing more than a misnomer. Because if its effects are working positively on the affected patient, it isn’t actually curing him or her of the depression.

All that it’s really doing is looking to do is find a way of calming that person down, helping to create a stable mental environment if you will. And it turns out that it really is only a temporary fix, one way or another. The danger of using such drugs is of course that the affected patient may become too dependent on it.